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Loans to Small Businesses and Commercial Property

Loans to Small Businesses and Commercial Property

Many of our clients are self-employed and while they wish to purchase a rural property or farm, they also have existing small businesses and commercial property needs.

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This can include:

  • Small business loan requirements for an existing business: overdrafts, secured business loans for business cashflow or special projects
  • General business banking requirements – we have clients looking for banks that will support both their existing business requirements and their new agri or rural lending. Having all of their banking under the one roof can make managing finances and moving funds between entities much easier
  • Commercial property purchases: for example industrial, retail and vacant commercial land purchases
  • Refinancing and debt consolidation : as part of a rural property purchase, we have clients that undertake a refinance and move their small business and home loans to a single lender using equity to cross secure properties, to enable their rural property purchase to become a reality
  • Guidance and assistance with ATO Debt, compromised credit files and general lending strategy, including preparing for a property purchase (we work with clients on longer term goals and may see a client return after 12 months who is now ready to purchase)

Just because you are self employed, it does not mean that you cannot get finance or that the funding has to be “low doc” or with a lender that charges a higher rate and more fees. We work with a selection of small business bankers, who can assist and advise on a range of scenarios and can also do mixed lending, which can involve a home loan, a small business loan and a rural property purchase. We have had clients come to us thinking they could not get finance because they were self-employed, to find that they were able to achieve their goals and secured finance with major lenders.

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